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Avodart Vs Finasteride Side Effects

Avodart Vs Finasteride Side Effects. Are avodart and proscar the same thing? Avodart rated 7.2/10 vs finasteride rated 4.9/10 in overall patient satisfaction.

Dutasteride Vs Finasteride Hair Loss
Dutasteride Vs Finasteride Hair Loss from www.bernsteinmedical.com
Dutasteride avodart side effects and risks are greater than with propecia finasteride. Dutasteride is not licensed for the use of male pattern baldness because there have been no clinical trials conducted to test its safety or effectiveness. What are possible side effects of proscar?

Patients also report very few side effects for both medications.

Side effects are reported more with avodart than propecia but then again the dose will dictate the frequency of the side effects. • impotence (trouble getting or keeping an erection) • ejaculation disorders • decreased sexual drive • breast enlargement or tenderness. Bring the same questions into the light for avodart vs. Trials have shown that avodart / dutasteride is more effective than finasteride in treating hair loss.

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